Zenith's History

Zenith on the The National Small Boat Register

The National Small Boat Register is maintained by the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, it a register of notable historic small craft (33ft LOA and below). They are owned by individuals, organisations, trusts or museums. All are noteworthy; some may be worthy of long-term preservation.

Zenith has been accepted on the National Small Boat Register and her NSBR Number is 3153. Zenith‘s NSBR record can be accessed at

I’ve found out that the Swedish Maritime Museum have a similar system to the NSBR, called the K-mark with the added bonus of a plaque. There’s some Swedish sailing canoes of a similar vintage to Zenith on the K-Mark register.

I think it has to be worth exploring if Zenith can become a K-marked boat when she is back on the water.


  1. After a quick email with the Swedish Maritime Museum it appears I can’t register Zenith with them as the boat has to be in Sweden

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