New Year, New Blog

Although I work in the IT business I’m useless at keeping my own blog(s) up to date. I’ve had a Racing Dinghies blog running for years, it is woefully out of date. The original Racing dinghies blog is still available at I was thinking of updating this with all the Zenith information, but that would have mean I’d really have to update the whole thing as there’s a number of my boats missing on the old blog, may get around to sorting it out one day!

With work on Zenith now coming on and at a reasonable pace, and I’ve found some time to research both her history and that of Swedish Canoe sailing it seemed appropriate to set up a new blog just to write about and record progress on Zenith.

So, here it is. 30 minutes to set up a new Word Press installation. Don’t get too excited though, I usually forget about these things soon after I set them up. But you mind find something of interest. Or not.

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